When an user uploaded data to airtable database I want get the specific user data

Someone please help me to show like this …when a user uploaded data to airtable database I want get the specific user data to his or her specific user timeline layout…as well as in the main layout that can show to all the users…
I try it many time but i can’t understand how to get specific user data from airtable…someone told me by using device id I can get but I was little confused in blocks…how to show help me please.

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@asimjib93 … This is your cup of tea… please have a look .
@kweng please post block images…

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How are you calling the specific user data? I mean, you need to have some data in user’s app, and using that data you can easily call the same from airtable (tip: think about a login page).

@asimjib93 yes I try to use in the login system and add to cart system for shopping app.

Can I know what data are you trying to show to specific user?

I try it like this

I want to do add to cart system for specific user by using airtable…

You’re doing wrong. I can’t send blocks now as computer is off. I can send a sample aia tomorrow.

@asimjib93 ok thanks you very much…i never 4get your help…

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And, by the way, if you don’t offer order history facility, you don’t need to retrieve who is ordering. What you need to know is what item is he adding to cart.

Here is the screenshot that I want to add to cart…without this option I can complete my app…pl6 help to how to do…I will never 4get your help…thank you

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Sure. I will send an aia tomorrow. Or, you can wait if anyone can help you right now.

@asimjib93 I am not sure anyone will help me because everyone are busy in his own work I request every one many times to teach me these blocks but I can get any response…ok thanks you very much…I will wait until you sent me.

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hi friend I have the same problem, how to get all the data of a specified user from airtable, I am also building a shopping list

I have this problem either, I want to make a history system that store what qr code did user just scanned.

Include device ID while storing data on Airtable. Then search all data using device ID and show the matches on list.

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@kweng if the Problem is of Adding To Cart Option, i can Help.
i Did it for Someone few Days ago.

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Thanks! It helps me alot.

@ADDYLIN yes broo,i need add to cart system

PM me i will be Available There.