When Any Image Click The App Closes Automatically ! ? Why

guess soo. But let we see how did he creates teh dynamic procedure. If he included that extension in that procedure. then it would be

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Can you show post the blocks of on Photo Click Event

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Can you post the full logs of apk here? As the logs also show that which extension or components is causing the error. No need to doubt about finding extension



Did you set this card as clickable?
Upon clicking the image , are you sure image only being clicked? Did you get the position number while debug?

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Thanks Guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Error Is Solved

Hurray !!

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Thanks For Helping @Still-learning @Anu @Sumit1334

A Big Thanks

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What did you adjust??? :thinking:

I Just Removed The Photoview Extension Which Was Developed by Deephost :+1:

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This is what we are advising from the very beginning after the updation but some of the peoples complaining at me, you are wrong. Here is the proof… Deephost will not survive with Fenix update. Either recast it or find an alternate

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