When deleting an item from the Google Sheets listview, it deletes the wrong line

I made a list view and I’m pulling data from Google spreadsheets, when holding the item it erases the correct line, but when I’m filtering the data, to show only the user’s posts by Query It deletes other lines, lines that belong to other users, how do I delete only the row I’m selecting in the list view?? And only the one that’s mine? The blocks are down

Use this extension

Wrong line mean, which line it deletes? +/-1 line? You can use script method to use gsheet database… very handy to use

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good night, he deleted the line above the glicada. But when it gets to the first on the list, it doesn’t delete it at all

I’ve already used the script, but it doesn’t load the list view when I use the method. The error only happens when I’m filtering the worksheet data, if I get all the worksheet data it deletes normally, The error is that he deletes posts that have other id “user” in the worksheet