When "dynamic button created by extension" .click block?

After I create a button using @yusufcihan ‘s dynamic components’ extension, where do I find a block similar to “when button1.click”?

In any blocks components section

For that, you have drag and drop Button component to the designer. Then you will be able to find it here.

Yes, I tried the when any.Button.Click. What it does is, no matter what button aka ANY button is clicked, it will trigger. I don’t want just any button to cause a trigger, I want a specific button created using the extension by yusufcihan. And I did try “set component”. It doesn’t work

To trigger specific button click event, you can use “Get Component from ID” block which is available in the extension.

This thing triggers when ANY button at all is clicked. How do I specify that I just want a trigger when “DummyButton” is clicked?

This AIA file will help you in understanding dynamic components.
exampleAIA (1).aia (14.8 KB)

Is it just me? I got a blank screen…

These are the blocks. Go through it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I am reading this right. But it seems that with your code, clicking ANY button (if you make 10 it would be any of the 10 buttons) would return an alert telling you the ID of the button component of bottom_horizontal. Which happens to be “number” (which happens to be the ID for everything else too. Is this what you are trying to show me?

I am simply trying to trigger an event when the extension created button is clicked. your code, doesn’t show me how I can do that.

Explain me what you want to do when button is clicked. I will make block for you so that you can understand it completely.

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Thank you, you are very kind.
Check out the file and the picture.

DirectedClickOfDynamicButtonComponent.aia (13.6 KB)

DirectedClickOfDynamicButtonComponent (1).aia (13.9 KB)
I think this is what you want. :slight_smile:

In the world where you can be anything, be KIND! :wink:

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I see now. “component” is not for attaching a button to the block but “component” is the button component being pressed at that time. I have a misunderstanding of what “component” is for. But thank you for helping me to understand :blush:


You are welcome. :slight_smile:

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