When FAB hides it takes time which causes some issue

This how my notifier should work smooth:

This is when i dont use FAB.hide

Now this is how it works when i use FAB.hide:

Ik there’s not much difference, but it is disturbing me a lot. I need the smoothness. If there’s no smoothness there are no vibes in the app.

I think it is so because you are hiding the FAB button and then showing the notifier.
Try reversing it, i.e. first show the notifier and then hide the FAB. :wink:

I’m showing the notifier first and then hiding the FAB

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Then try to reverse the block. :sweat_smile:
I face these issues many times and then I just change the order of blocks.

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I tried reversing it didnt solve the problem but its better than the previous one, so cheers.
Thank you @golumaths100

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Glad, it helped you. :grimacing:

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