When i use screen back pressed , the application not closed and instead of that another screen will be open


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it not complete . please use complete blocks to close app

Not enough details.
Read it and try again:

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Use this block to close application…

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sir, You have any reference This?

Sir, I used this also but problem not solved.

use this one 100% working

Thanks Sir. I will Check

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if it works then please mark it as solution

Why would that be a good solution

Depends on how many times he has opened his screens

Note: if you only use the open another screen and never the close screen block, you will run out of memory after a while. Also reopening an already opened screen is a bad idea. For example if you open Screen1 twice, you also have to close your app twice!



I made an experiment before and opened 362 screens with a larger image until it crashed on 1 GB ram.

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I Use this block for back screen from screen2 to screen1. Screen switching but custom dialog can’t show in Screen1.
2020-02-27 at 19-10-55

You already know the answer to that, it’s not a bug, How to switch screens correctly.