When ? Kodular will release the next update for API level 30?

Because it’s already taking longer … any Deadline date ? All the external method are hard and giving eror an every step we are here for building codeless app but all the method mentioned in community for changing API not for them who used kodular to build app so please at least provide the date when will be available in kodular API 30 ?


Go see This Post By @Shreya.ig


already plenty of topics related to the same query is answered also delisted by the mod. i hope this too will be delisted soon… You no need to wait for kodular to target API 30. Few days ago members of our community launched a guide regarding this. pls read it… Guide link also given by @BLAZE_ARDUINO .


Its too harassing now please give us solution.

@amol_kolhe1 Welcome to the Community. Please Refer the Post we Have no Option