When opening rating button it always open in Kodular companion app in playstore

hello devs,
might be i ask complex question to understand at first. but, let me explain onto which i need help.

Actually, i am making Rate Us button in Bottom Navigation bar of my app. i want user to redirect to Google PlayStore after clicking on that button.

Let me tell you what i have done.
i use following things in respected screen.

  1. Activity Starter
  2. Package utilities

i apply " android.intent.action.VIEW " in Action.
then here are my blocks for bottom navigation bar.

Now, here is the problem.
Whenever click on that button ( which is obviously i am testing in Companion ) it opens in Kodular companion page in Play Store.
i tried changing package name to Facebook and WhatsApp and other’s. but no result. it opens on kodular page in Play Store.

i am publishing my app in PlayStore very soon. and i want to be sure to open that rate us screen in the right package name.

Please help me.

This should have worked even for you


This happens because it takes companion’s package name. When you build your apk it will take your apk’s package name. So don’t worry. This is how it works when you test in companion.


It is true but he changed packege name

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Thank you so much for your valuable support @Boban .

i will appreciate your support. Thank you so much for solution @George_Loungos .

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