When put package name then apps are crush all time

my wallpaper apps - when put package name then apps are runtime Error (END APPLICATION) all time


If you want help you have to provide all the info you have. What you are telling is not enough. Please read the following topic and then give more info.

What package name did you set it will be in this format.
Like if your name, developer name or company is is xyz and app name is helloWolrd
Then it should be com.xyz.helloWorld


package name are - com.cool.photos

CoolPhotos.aia (115.2 KB)

Wallpaper apps - if put package name, when set wallpaper then apps are runtime Error (APPLICATION END)
please check my aia file & help me
thank you

Change package name from com.cool.photos to com.cool.CoolPhotos or com.your_name.CoolPhotos


I downloaded your aia and edited some of your blocks. Now there is no error. But the problem is when i try to set wallpaper it opens up contact list

I don’t know why are the contact displayed :man_shrugging: May be I am missing something. But as said there is no more any error as you mentioned. Also the error was not related to package name.