When should I put ads into an app?

I am currently planning to add ads into my app at 10,000 downloads. When would a good time be to add ads.

And is it beneficial for an apps ranking to not put in ads immediately?

Let me know your opinions and experience and whether 10,000 downloads would be a good time (or less or more).


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Not everyone who instals your app will keep it installed. And not everyone who keeps your app installed will use it regularly.

So instead of 10,000 installs, you might want 10,000 daily active users.

This way even if you lose 50% of your daily active users you will still have 5,000 who will see your ads on a daily basis.

This is just my personal opinion. I haven’t used ads because I live in Europe and we need to show a message asking European users if it’s ok to show them personalised ads or not. Kodular does this automatically but there is a problem: we need to allow European users to revoke their consent. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to track European users and allow only them to revoke consent. You have to allow everyone in the world to do it. But revoking consent only works for Europeans so if non-Europeans find out that them revoking consent has no effect they might feel cheated and complain.


Thanks for the reply. Looking at active users definitely makes more sense since I’m only retaining about 35%.

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