When update API 29

Kodular give targeted api level 28
But play store latest update they say update app with API level 29 or more

But in Creator.kodular.io there are no API 29
there show last api is 28

So please provided solution.


The answer is soon. We already created it local.
Just needs to be tested and released.


Please release it without bugs…

I’m a beginner in kodular and had a question - the API 28 does it support in the mobile phones having an android version below 9?

Please give support and answer when kodular update targeted API 29 or latest

Here two month passed but update not come.

The supported Android version of a device depends on the minSdkVersion.

minSdkVersion = 19 → (Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 - KitKat)
compileSdkVersion = 28
targetSdkVersion = 28

In Kodular you can only change the minSdkVersion . Otherwise you have to customize the Manifest.

Why so urgent?

Starting date for Android 10 (API level 29)

  • August 3, 2020: Required for new apps
  • November 2, 2020: Required for app updates
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I understand that it’s a difficult task but please try to do it fast as it would delay many apps to publish

I have an idea… You have time till August 3… no matter how much you have made your app …try to upload it now in playstore… once it is uploaded you have time till November 2 and once your app gets ready use it as a update or update it on playstore…

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Google playstore new policy

Hi, just a bit curious to know, can you provide tentative dates when API 29 will be introduced in kodular since hardly some days are left for the new policy of playstore

Hello, thanks for your hard work! Is there any release date yet?

will our apps be removed if we don’t update our apps to target api 29??

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I dont think but they could do it but we need to upgrade our apps till November

Hello Google Play Console has given a new update that it will allow Api 29 to publish the app on Play Store now. Kodular staff is requested to activate API 29


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