Where is my App?

Hello every one,
The application has been accepted in the Google Play Store and has been published, but it does not appear during the search using the name of the application in Google Play store
Can anyone tell me the reason?

How long was it published?

Since one day :grin:

Open directly from ur play console

Ok, thats no problem opening it from the console. the problem is it doesnt appear on search

It’s appear when ur app getting searched by users and also if ur app downloaded than ur app will appear in top .

And u say its just about one day ur app is published on playstore so it’s need more time to appear too.

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It can take several hours, but also several days (up to two weeks) until a new app (update) is listed in the Play Store. It usually only takes a few hours for my apps. But I also made an update that took almost 2 weeks.

So be patient, there is nothing you can do to influence it.


Now I can only have patience or planning for the next app :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

Click on that “new” tag below the search bar after searching


I found it in the new tag :+1:t2:
thank you

Same I published in Beta . It showed Me published In console Even I received a Mail That Your App is published in Playstore. But Nothing Published in Playstore. Then again I published in Production it got published Successfully