Which button is correct?

I want to show Facebook interstitial ads when a user clicks different 3 buttons.
So i used procedure. Now im confusing button 4 code is right or button 5 code is right?
I have already inserted show fb interstitial ads on procedure button so do i need to put show interstitial ads ( button 5 picture) also or i just need to insert procedure button(picture - when button 4 click). Which one is correct?

For showing facebook ads your cods are wrong…

I copied ad codes and paste here. Ad codes are correct. I dont understand what you mean? please elaborate

You are not loading fb ads… you are try to show the ads without loading…


Its loaded

fb int ad shows after the first 3 buttons but after that its not showing.

here are the blocks … Check your blocks

I did the same please look above.
In fb business manager kodular companion is not approved why?

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why you want to approve kodular companion… It’s not the app develop by you…

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im trying to approve my app but this companion also came together. I dont know how this came.