Which Components takes up lots of storage and memory?

Just wondering, for good performance, what are the things I should limit? And how do I know the size of each with respect to memory and storage generally? So, comparing buttons, labels, arrangements, extra screens, textboxes, listviews etc. Is there a guide showing all these?

I want to attempt a GROUP chat app, wondering if every new message is 1 label, and each chat is limited to 200 messages, will it cause lagging and crashing? Listviews should use up less storage and memory I think but how to make them look good?

And I would appreciate a comprehensive tutorial if available, been spending the whole day looking for one, synced to firebase but seems most on youtube don’t speak English. Even the app inventor some of them use are not in English.

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Hey I guess there is comparision on size of components because it just a code and the size will be in KBs. But if you want to create a group chat Applicaion they I will suggest you to use dynamic components(like dynamic text box,lable and card view ) and for chat I suggest you to use Chat view in place of list view.

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I shall check it out and reply again. Thank you!