Which data does Kodular collect from app users?

:page_facing_up: TL;DR: Kodular does NOT collect any personal information from app users (nor does :appcenter: App Center Analytics) which could lead to user tracking.

In the sections below, you can find the information we can use to identify either you as a developer or your app users’.

Data about the developer in your apps

  • Kodular App ID
    Your unique App ID is provided in your app manifest for analytics purposes.

  • Google Ad Manager Network Code
    If you use Google Ad Manager components, we do store your network code inside the manifest of your app.

Data collected from your app users’

We do not collect any personal information which could allow us to identify each of your app users’; information is gather anonymously through :appcenter: App Center Analytics.
When a user launches an app for the first time, an Install ID is generated and it will be used to track the following data:

  • Country
    Based on IP, to get an overview of demographics.
  • Language
    Based on device language.
  • Session duration
    Understood as the time the app is in foreground.
  • Events
    The following events are being triggered, and the data that is logged is:
    • App Launched: App ID, App Name, Package Name, Install Source, Kodular Version
    • Screen Opened: App ID, Screen Name
    • Error Occurred: App ID, Block, Code, Component, Message
    • Ads Displayed: App ID, Format, Network

As you can see, the only information which can be used to track is the App ID, which only allows to identify the developer of the app. It is impossible to track or analyze a single app user.


:google_play: Data safety

The base form for a Kodular app would like as the following one:

We don’t collect any user data types. See below the reason of that “No” based on required data types:

  • Location
    In :appcenter: App Center Analytics, Location is based on IP, so no location is tracked from the app.

  • Account management > Personal identifiers
    They are defined as Identifiers that relate to an identifiable person. For example, an account ID, account number or account name.
    As you could have read above, the Install ID is randomly generated, and it is not an account, so it is impossible to know which user owns that Install ID, either by us or by :appcenter: App Center.

Components and libraries

However, keep in mind that such form is only valid for components which do not require Internet, as we can guarantee that no information is tracked.
If you are using external components like Yandex Translate or Google Ad Manager ads, please refer to their privacy policies to check which data they collect. You may have to check the “Yes” in that case.


my app and my store, to which my customers have the option to make purchases of products from my store. In this case the person makes a registration, in this registration is collected name, address, postal zip code, telephone, . in this case Should I inform Yes or no ?

If your app collects personal data then yes, of course, you need to disclose that.

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In that case you have to check a “Yes”. But that is up to what you store, you have full control on that part.

This post is intended to share the information we collect, which you cannot turn off.
If your app is a social site, online shop, game with registration, then you are collecting data. But it is up to what you are designing, we cannot help you with that as you are the one you know what you collect.

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My app has Admod. should I check “yes” or “no”?

I’m Following this process… But I have received this notice from Google Play Console.

Please Help Me :pray: :pray:

if we use google admanger we need to mark yes or no?
@Diego can you please explain what we do in case we use admanger

if we use onesignal component in our app, then what to do?
we need to mark yes or no?
please comment

Hi, I have received the same message. I think that this is for the use of ads. But I am not sure
@Diego, can you help us? In this case, probably, we have to check yes, but i do not know the following options, how the data are sent? Is the user data your application collects encrypted in transit?

May be, a guide can be welcome. Is anyone voluntary?

It is not just for ads. There are different type collected from apps by publishers list is available on Play Developer website. Provide information for Google Play's Data safety section - Play Console Help
But, most commonly in our cases, ads components adds location permission in manifest file. If you check play store more than 95% apps that are serving ads does not require location data.
I don’t know why are we adding location permission in our apps for serving ads.
I hope they remove location permission from ads components and with this, most of the developer will be okay with ‘No Data Collected’ Settings.

I hope so. Let’s see if @Diego can tell us something soon. the deadline to complete the data is soon.

I received an email from Google Play about a new form to fill. Everyone should will have to fill it. It is about the “Data safety” of the information collected by our apps.
My app doesn’t collect any personal data, but I’m wondering if Onesignal collects any personal data from the user (e.g user device id etc). Does someone know about this?

still wait responce from kodular one of my friend marked no and rejected by google
if we marked yes what we have to do in next steps please kodular team help us

I got the same mail. - > Today…

i think the location data collection is the issue please kodular team respond

any one who using admanger marked no and got approved

Are you fixed this issue?
please comment, if solved

I think the Kodular staff has a solution/answer.


I also got the same email. I want to delete the permission (ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) with Apk Editor Studio and it outputs it as Apk. I think google play will now ask for “aab”. Also, when the permission is deleted, the ad or whatever using it can cause problems.

I am one of those waiting for help.