Which database is good airtable or Google sheet?

Hey I was making and project and a question got place in my mind that is airtable good or Google sheet ? Which is fast from these two ? Which can handle more api requests ? Or which can store more rows or data ?

I think Airtable is very good, but it has limitations. The free plan only allows you to have 1200 rows per base. The pay plan is also not that much, as it allows you to have 5000 rows per base. Depending on what you need. For example an application of countable management, if you keep 3 years of activity is around 8000 rows .

For small projects you can use Airtable and it is very good.

But for big projects I would use MYSQL. There are many tutorials and just by knowing how to create the queries in PHP you already have what you need.

Here is a very good tutorial to start with MYSQL


If you are going to use MySQL databases Don’t forget to learn:

  • How a Relational Database works.
  • How to Design your Database.
    This is very important.
    Database designed in the wrong way is a big problem for a system / app.