Which SMS Gateway you are using?

Hi All,
My question is specific to those who are using One Time Password for user signup using the third party sms gateway services. If your target audience is India origin, what sms service provider you are using which is reliable as well as delivers sms quickly.


Personally I use fast2sms

It’s very good :blush:

Try to use Firebase authentication which is free for 10k messages

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Per month :blush:

Yes you are right

I have attempted to implement that but i am stuck on in what sequence i should use blocks to get it work.

Here is what i have tried

  1. When User clicks on Sign Up, i am using Firebase Authentication.phone number sign in by passing the user phone number (Question: Here should we pass the phone number including country code or just 10 digit mobile number)
  2. Next Once the user types the code on the screen i am using Firebase Authentication.Verify Phone code by passing the code entered by the user
  3. Then based on all this i am using login success and login failed blocks

But I haven’t got any sms delivered to the number i have provided. Am i missing something here?

Note: I have already enabled the phone sign on on firebase developer console and got the json from there which i have imported to assets.

Have you attempted to deliver messages on DND numbers?

Yes. It support DND And non DND number

use BulkSMS
and see this - [Free] BulkSMS Extension (In Beta Testing)