Which types of ads should I use?

On my live quiz application I have added one feature where user can win skip(it mean if user used skip before game start they will survive on first five question if they select wrong answer or not answered).To win skip I have made spin wheel where user will get 1 spin per day.
You can see wheel image above .
Can I show ads when press spin ?
And if yes what types of ads I should use.
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Rewarded Video.

Or interstital, if you want to use amazon, adColony, Unity, StartApp or AppLovin ads

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I’m using Facebook rewarded how it is ?

If you prefer facebook, you will need to contact facebook and they will get you a number, like an ID, and you can put that ID on the properties.
BUT, if you use AdMob rewarded video/interstital, you can get that ID just by creating an AdMob Account.

Facebook ads is already approved for my app to earn life for quiz game purposes.
I’m not sure Can I use Facebook rewarded for lucky spin wheel where user win by spin wheel if they have luck. So I’m asking in the community.