Which way is faster?

(First, sr about my EL)
A. 1 webviewer and 90 if command
B. 3 webviewer, and 1 webviewer have 30 if command (total of 3 webviewer is 90 command)
Which way if command run faster, A or B.
Thank you very much.

Why are using such blocks and same url in got to url ?
It will automatically redirects to the url when got current url .

blocks (11)

No, url not the same, i have about 90 urls …
(this img just a small part of my block

It will automatically redirect no need to add such blocks.

can you show me how ? url are not the same, and i have more than 90 urls ?

Are you using text box in your project for typing url ?

i use webviewer, and when url is “abc” then redirect to “abc1”

I was asking whether the users are typing url in your application ?

No, i put the link in my web, user just click, and it auto re-direct

If these links are embedded in your website it automatically redirects to the url no need to add additional blocks.

You can load even in same tab through making support multiple windows false .

that my problem, i dont want to put the final link on web.

Use text box in which you can put the url and a button when clicked load the url

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u mean, i create text box and button in my app ?
My app use webviewer, and there no textbox or button, just a website.

If there is link in your website it will automatically redirect when clicked on any hyperlinked text or link .

If you want load in the same window then set support multiple windows to false

blocks (15)

If want to load in new window then use this blocks :point_down: :point_down:


Thanks for your help, but i dont understand ur blocks.
my url are not the same, not the same lenght (each url is the motocycle’s name, so it can’t the same, it can http://azpart.epizy.com/aca… or http://azpart.epizy.com/nsc… or http://azpart.epizy.com/tbh… )

your are loading 1 url right in the webviewer right ?

other urls are embedded or linked on your website right ?

If not make a hyperlinked on your website, it will automatically redirect to them.

yes, 90 ulr is on my web, and my app have 90 block if to re-direct it to final url.

So it will automatically redirect them when clicked on any url.

Could share the aia or website link you are using ?
So that i can find the problem

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