Who is the real developer of this app?

can anyone tell me who is the real developer of this app? I saw this on a youtube channel but when i tried to download the aia file from his aia store nothing happened.

so, that’s why i want to know about the real developer so that i can get the aia for free or i am happy to buy it

We can’t help you… Some people know why.

It was created by I4 Creator Youtube Channel .
And It was given free by the developers.
.But He is not active from last few months.
You can use aia its free, if you wanna then i can give you… :+1: :+1:

Yes Exactly

if you give me the aia, then it will be very helpful for me

First of all the scamy thumbnail, $50-100 daily l…lol :rofl::joy:
If u want aia for that, then u are living in dreams.

If u want then, u can make this kind of app yourself. Search in Community, u will find many related posts and if u are stuck anywhere then the community is here to help you.


off topic je

thanks for your suggestion

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Whom u mention, he can i4 creator :woozy_face:

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