Who Wants A In-App-Review in Their Koded apps?

Who Wants The Google In App Review Feature In their Koded Apps?

I will create an extension on it. Because it looks easy by looking on the docs :sweat_smile:.

Who wants it?

  • I want it
  • Don’t need it
  • Will wait for Kodular To include it as a component
  • Will send user to Play Store for getting review
  • Don’t need a review

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in app update component is there in kodular

He is talking about in-app-review not update.

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ohh :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:sorry then i want extension

the Extension is FREE or PAID ? :sweat_smile:

paid i gues :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Fortunately, You are wrong…

I want to distribute it for free after making it :innocent:


thank u so kind of u

think it will not work in kodular because you need :

To integrate in-app reviews in your app, your app must use version 1.8.0 or higher of the Play Core library.

But kodular only has version 1.7.2 of the Play Core SDK library

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I think this should be in the #discuss

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Google recently launched a new API in Play Store and it would be great to see it implemented in our apps.
The name of the API is API Google Play In-App Review and it can be found at https://developer.android.com/guide/playcore/in-app-review

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I am also very excited to include this API in my app.

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how can you implement it in kodular please or still only via extension ?

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