Why ads are not loading/showing?

Don’t go on the title.It is not easy as expected.
You can find a lot of topics related to why admob/facebook/amazon/startapp/applovin ads are not loading.
That’s why I am here to provide an easiest method to know Why Ads are not loading of native ad networks (no support for extensions)
Native Ad Networks (components)

  • Admob
  • Amazon
  • StartApp
  • Facebook
  • AdColony
  • AppLovin
  • LeadBolt
  • Unity_Ads

This topic is divided into categories by ad networks.

Use respective blocks to know why admob ads falied to load/show.

Use respective blocks to know why amazon ads falied to load/show.

Use respective blocks to know why startapp ads falied to load/show.

Use respective blocks to know why facebook ads falied to load/show.

Use respective blocks to know why adcolony ads falied to load/show.

Use respective blocks to know why applovin ads falied to load/show.
Use respective blocks to know why leadbolt ads falied to load/show.
Use respective blocks to know why unity ads falied to load/show.

And here is a question for Koders.

Should I give Aia file?

  • Not needed
  • Needed
  • Can’t say anything

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Hope this will be helpful :grin:


I used this method and downloaded the app on my phone, the error message was working it said “the app has not been approved to show ads” which means that the block was working. Then I updated the app on playstore and then downloaded from there but when I opened the app it says nothing, no error notification, no ad, please help!! I don’t know what to do :pensive:

No! This doesn’t mean your blocks are working! It only means that you’re using ad on your app & it’s not yet approved to display ad.

Go to https://my.kodular.io/projects and apply for monetization.
You can show relevant blocks for a checkup here!

Can i show my applovin ads without having the applovin account verified?

Ha, Why are you using Aplovin?

I heard they are giving very bad eCPM and fill [krate is also very poor.

Just go to Kodular Premium and the Ads will start working

Also, it may not work if you had not placed your ad correctly.

I tried for Facebook banner and I got this error: “No fill”

Do you know what it means? thanks.

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