Why apk size increase?

Hi, the app I’m developing, last night after i export the apk size was 5.83 and now 6.2 , (nothing changed in app)
is this because of builder version changed? (1.0.4 to 1.0.5 version) any info?

it could be that

Integrated Fabric into Makeroid Apps

  • Now we will get detailed crash info thanks to Crashlitics, which will help us to fix bugs
  • You can check the bugs that are being tracked in this repository

Not really happy for that :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, we added some new libs in order to see why apps crash. An app of 6 mb is not much.


is this after a time take off (added libs)? or keep going with it sir?

We will not remove fabric in the future.
Without it you will have more bugs in your apps because without we can not see all errors.

With the help of fabric service we can fix much more issues as before.


That’s great! Could we have access to our apps’ Crashlytics data too?

You can see all of the crashes on our bug tracker repo:

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The used fabric account is not public.
It is owned by makeroid.


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