Why app working in companion is fine and not after installing app

I had made app and using airtable i get data in list view.
App is working fine in companion but not after installing. Actually it get data but the problem is when screen initialised it shows blank list view and when screen back pressed then it is showing all values correctly. But why after pressing back that’s the issue.

First you should set a good title to the topic. Change that. What you entered doesn’t reflect your problem and isn’t according to community rules.

Second getting data from an airtable takes time. So you have to set a clock so that after starting your app you get your values and populate the listview.


In companion its working fast then. Its not a problem of getting data. Why i need to press back

Why don’t you edit your title if i ask you to?

Show your blocks @csopediacs

This not Urgent. Change Title and please show what you have done in block section.

may be you have used Screen Back Pressed to Get Data.
if yes Then Use Screen Initialise to get Data.

No i use when screen initialised only. I will show u blocks tomorrow coz I am sleeping now.