Why are not acess permission in kodular apk

How to fir this bugs please help me :sob::sob:

And which component do you use?

I use 2extension colintreeimie & taifuntm

Then you have your answer now…

The developers must update her extensions.

BTW why not use our built in component “Device Tools” ?

No device tool are not working

hahaha :smiley: :smiley:
Why should it not work?

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Bro u will give me your whatsapp no.i will task some bugs

You can write about bugs here in this community.

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I will give test apkso u can now tell me how to fix bugs

No. Complete wrong way.
You said “Device Tool” component does not works.

Now it’s your turn to tell what is not working.
Iam not a personal bug catcher.

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i also want to know , what is not working on Device Tools Component.

sir, please have a look onto this one too :smiley: i need this old method

As I told you already it will be fixed soon @David


Thanxx for help