Why are the apps made from Google Play Console?

I wanted to publish it from here, why doesn’t publish Google?

First of all see this…

I am confused you have selected category as Koded Apps why?

You couldn’t publish apps directly from Kodular. Download the aab file from Kodular and Publish from Play Console.

I made an application and published it on Google play Console. Google is giving me problems all the time. I felt like I was being punished for coding from this platform. When I do it from Android Studio, they publish it immediately. I think this is unfair

What actually you trying to say ?

Continuous Problems Google Play Console

If I don’t publish it google case is already.

If Google doesn’t publish it, I will sue them.

Sorry to hear that your apps are not publishing…

Can you share the reason for app rejection here… Then we will be able to help.?

Issue: Inaccurate Target Audience
We determined that your app and store listing contain elements that appeal primarily to children, therefore the target age groups you’ve selected are inaccurate. For example, your store listing contains elements such as:

  • Animated characters in the app icon.
  • Young characters.
  • Multiple references to keywords related to children.

If your primary target audience is children, you must select the appropriate age groups in the Target Audience and Content section and comply with all Designed for Families Requirements.

what about explaining a little bit what your app is about?
are you using ads?
and what did you choose as target age groups?
did you read the “Designed for Families Requirements”?


I will make the necessary description if published.

I think none of that is related to the tool used to create your app. Your problem is, as said in the message you received, that you are using keywords related to children, animated characters in the icon and young characters. All those problems would be easily avoided if you know and follow Google Play Store Terms of Use, specially the part about apps designed for children
If your app focus in this age you must be very, very careful otherwise you will have many problems. I have been there too, it was about to months to learn how not to do, but now I don’t have such problems anymore because I already know the rules and I respect them.
Some times I make question to discard the youngest audience exactly to avoid problems.

There is a small chance of you be doing nothing wrong and still having problems because Google bot made a mistake. But seeing your comments here in this thread I seriously doubt that.

If you want help you should explain what your app is about now, not after it’s published.

You don’t go to a doctor and demand treatment, then tell them the symptoms after they have prescribed you medicine.

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I did not use anything prohibited in my application. I designed everything myself, including the sounds. I worked meticulously with care. I do not deserve this treatment.

it does not look like you are interested in a solution, else you would provide some answers


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What would be objectionable in them?

Fun multiplication table tutorial


They posted this. The reason is I coded it in Android Studio.