Why background black in notifier in custom dialog

I use notifier to make a custom dialogue popup with the horizontal arrangement and set it “is card” so why in the background color displaying black. I set the arrangement color white and the notifier color I also change but failed. Any solution

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That is default you can set it light or dark theme from properties of notifier.custom dialogue is inside this container

WHY DOES NOT corner reduce of notifer in the backgournd according to cardview

See here, might help


could I use 1 notifier for every custom popup or I have need to use more notifer for custom dialogue

Different for different custom dialogue.

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@ShaikhSajidAli i am using one notifier for atleast 5 custom dialogues and everything is working fine for me no lags no bugs.

Yes you can if it doesn’t create confusion and call only that dialogue where you want i told different because each notifier have different name according to dialogue and its easy to call corresponding.
You can do which method is best nand convenient for you

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