Why custom tab ask user to choose browser

After this update, custom tab works wrong.
It didn’t need to choose browser before, but now it asks user to choose browser.
Why has it been changed? How to solve this problem? :thinking:

It’s working fine with my phone. it may be issue with different android version

It happens from yesterday. When did you export your app?

few mins ago

I installed several apk files which I exported.
It only happens app which is built with fenix 1.5.2 version.
Do I have to wait until next update or is there any other solutions?

can you share your apk here

I think you use only one browser(maybe chrome).
I have adblock browser too, so they ask me to choose chrome browser or adblock browser.
When I remove the adblock browser, it works fine.
Custom tab didn’t ask choosing browser, so i use this block.

I have more than 3 web browsers. chrome, firefox, opera, brave installed.

customtab.apk (5.2 MB)

It still happens to me.

works fine. may be this issue arise because you have not chosen any browser as default

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Me too tested and working fine. Also typing the same to inform :wink:

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