Why deducted after updating the correct balance?

Hello Dear Kodular!
you updated correct balance first then why you withdraw 35% more? this is injustice. you asked for 0.5% cut but you cut 35% after commission.

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Yes same thing happened with me but @Kodular withdrawn 69%… @Diego please could you explain what is happening why this much deduction?

Is 69% is your less than 0.5%

Withdrawal is not working, website crashes if you try to withdrawal, btw my balance is okay.

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Our Balance is not Ok i want Explanation from @Kodular

@Diego can you please re-run the Job? fix this wrong accural issue.

for your information : it was 3rd time wrong accural happened since kodular partnered with Google AdManager.

About 65% of my earnings have also been cut.
Kodular has to give the reason for this.

28% of your generated revenue was retained by Google as invalid traffic.

56% of your total income was invalid traffic. Basically, if you generated $100, $56 was given back to advertisers due to this invalid traffic, henceforth the retention.

This value is inadmissible, and as mentioned several times ago, either this invalid traffic is fixed, or your account will end up getting suspended.

Should be fixed, please try again within the next few minutes.

Ok I understand that if we place the ad at wrong place, then Google counts that ad traffic as invalid.

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You applied commission wrong. You should apply commission after google cut invalid traffic. @deigo can you please elaborate this?

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can you please fix this issue. this means kodular getting commission from whole accural amount & then withdraw invalid amount for Google. it means kodular charge us 45% of commission on our actual earning. i mistakenly withdraw the available balance can you add the pending amount in it?

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in my case my earning is 42 doller and accural is 33
i think this is ok

but i think @Diego i also recived the mail can you please check which ad placement is wrong i have placed banner ads bottom of the screen and interstial ads on listview click i hope this placement is ok…

you say that to post our child code and i have posted it there but no responce from kodular team

That wasn’t 56%

Also commission should be applied after invalid traffic earnings back to advertiser but @Kodular applying commission on accrual not actual amount so this is our loss

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Dear @Diego You applied commission on the amount which Google returned to Adverstiser. its not fair.
why you did that? please correct it

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You should not apply commission above total earning.
First by removing the invalid earning of google.
Deduct commission from the amount you owe us.

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Ok fine we understand Google took back invalid traffic earning then what is the reason of applying commission on that earning which we didn’t receive please fix it send our correct amount

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Because this invalid traffic has a cost for us. We do have to pay a fixed fee per impression served, and if you show invalid traffic it affects the entire Ad Exchange network and disrupts its reputation.
Henceforth, the commission is applied on the total value to avoid those issues.

I feel impression is decreased day by day and ecpm also please fix this issue my friend’s leave kodular for this issues

If ecpm and impression are good then we earn good revenue and also kodular gets good commission from our ravenue

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