Why I am facing this issue with dynamic component .?

What its saying .??

Its documentation saying that the component can be created by three ways that is listed there

It is not, your AIA has version 2.2.0. Version 2.2.1 of Dynamic Components fixes the issues you’re having. The latest of Dynamic Components is 2.2.2.

Please send me latest download link. Thanks

v2.2.2 – com.yusufcihan.DynamicComponents.aix

(The link above leads to GitHub, it is not an uploaded version of Dynamic Components… Please be aware moderators and staff.)

I am not able to find latest download link. Any body having please send me. Thanks

Always look in the first post of the thread for updates…


I’m 65% blind and I can still find it :eye: :eye:

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Thanks its working now…

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