Why i am not getting image from drive

Maybe this can help you

i saw this post ,what is image id in that picture

Give me your drive link

Image I’d 1a8DInw5ZtAbT7Udus7f9GQtEIZdAoiCE

https://drive.google.com/file/d/IMAGE_ID HERE/view

Use this link, you should add ?export=download to get the direct download link.


I guess, you can also use this extension to produce download link but I am not sure as I haven’t used it yet. You can give a try.

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@oseamiya read this.

this was the error i am getting when i used this extension , and when i removed the extension my app is working fine

Can you send me the aia ? This should not be due to this extension. This extension only replace some strings to create a download link & it is working well.

Her all blocks

Also, you dont need to do like this. You can use replaceAll method to create a download link too.

i dont want to download image , i just want to view the image ,

Click on the image in googledrive, click share button, set permission to view by others, copy the url and paste in the extension… until you share the image, you cannot see the image by any extension…

What do you mean? Did you used that block I suggested you. Viewing some online contents without downloading, is not possible :thinking:
Also, There is no problem in DriveFile extension. The way she is using some blocks is useless. If you can send the aia then it is better.

The image she shared has already permission to view by others.

@Still-learning i selected sharing , but i am not able to view the image


What are you doing ?

Simply set image’s picure to the following address



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@dora_paz in this image i used an extension to get the image , but that extension is making my app to work slow , so when i removed that extension my app is working fine , so now my task is to view the image without extension