Why image picker hide automatically?

hello. guys, how are you?

I set in sidebar image picker with a profile background picture

when is the app open image picker is shown and when I click on other options is hidden automatically?
what’s wrong.
please watch the video for more information.

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hello I need your help please

What happens if you remove Circle Image View extension?

do you think its deep host circle image extension problem?

let me remove extension and check

no, I totally remove-circle image extension and problem remain the same…
what’s wrong

Just alter the true and false blocks and see what happens

Not working if exchange true-fasle. Is doesn’t show on start.
May be it’s bug?

is this bug comes when you pick image or close sidebar?

One minute… is this your image picker component or a simple image component?

In another topic we stated that we do not allow questions about extensions from Deephost since he doesn’t support his extensions himself.

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This is image picker components.
And I set one visible image component right side of it.

Both of visible

now i get solution
i delete that image picker component and set new one
now its work perfectly
ty team kodular…

Yes but I think this should be done only when the user ask question that are specific to Deephost’s extension. Here it’s still not clear whether the problem is due to deephost extension or not. Correct me if I am wrong.


in my case this circle image deep host extension working properly
i don’t say about others.

Yes you are right, but i thought i say it anyway. :partying_face: :crazy_face:

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