Why Images Don't Show in Any ListView Extension on Refresh?

Hi Koders,
Here I mean Having Some Problem With All The ListView Type Extensions. Like CustomListView and CollinTreeListView.

I mean using a refresh Layout In my App to Refresh The List Data From The Server Database. And Of course When It Refresh I Recall The Same Data With Same Images as the will always remain in the list even if some new is added.

So, I was Using @Deep_Host 's Custom ListView Extension and On Refreshing The List Mean Adding or re-adding same list, The Images Don’t Loads. ( I tried to contact him but he gave no response).
Then I used CollinTree ListView for The same purpose and got the same Error As Above. Images Don’t get Loaded or shown in my List.

:point_right::point_right::point_right: I would Love if someone Can help to solve the problem and even make me to understand that why this happened.

Here’s Some of The screen Shots Below :


Show blocks please!

I Have Added Them to the Main Post

Try using a Notifier with a Show Alert block which prints the image URL, to make sure they should be loaded properly and that no other error can be possible


Thanks for Replying,
But it’s the same blocks which are repeated and if the image URL is Fetching wrong then it will not be shown at the first time.

EDIT: As I just have to call the blocks Web1.Get.

Please shows the blocks
I can help you