Why is thumbnail icon of extension broken?

Hi All,
when the efemail icon looks like this?


You’re on a free plan. Therefore, using more than 5 extensions are not allowed. To remove the limit, you’ve to upgrade your plan first.

The thumbnail link may have been broken. But your extension will work normally.

I thought that might be the problem but there are more than 5 extensions in my extension list and only that one is greyed out and “broken”??

problem is it doesnt send.

and it always did work

That does not mean the extension is broken. It only means that the thumbnail URL for that extension is broken.

That could be because of other issues with it. To test if the extension is supported on Android X, simply import the extension on a new project, connect your companion and then drag - drop the extension on builder. If you see no error, you’re good to go.

will try, thank

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