Why long csv file name not working?please help me

i want to read csv file .but when csv file name is long then its not working

when csv file name is short then its working why ?

please help

You can’t copy the name from the Assets Screen. You have to enter the Full File Name without the points.

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but its also not working

no way, it will work., May be problem with method of saving your details as csv… Can you show us how did you crate your csv?

it is working good when csv file nme is short

u can check also

Whats the long name of this File?

long name

NCERT HINDI - smajik evam raajnitik jivan.csv


do not try like this, in the empty spaces use _ underscroe and try

this is perfect so it gives back you the details


Try to rename csv and remove empty spaces from file name, use _ instead

ok thank you


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