Why my app is not working

Data is notnot showing in app

Try setting max record to length of your list.

How?But same thing is working in thunkable

Example: if your table has three column A,B,C in the Airtable

that you should call spreadsheet “get column” with max record of 3.

its kinda a bug i guess

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its take sometimes for load in app and its depend on ur net speed

Try to try something like this

** Tell me if it works **

No it don’t work
But can u answer this

did you try this?

also be on your topic

Yes I tried it
Can you answer this

Is your problem resolved?

No,now I am making in thunkable.
There it is working well
Can u answer this

Many of us are using spreadsheet and working so make sure you kode correctly!

Don’t post about other topics here.

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I am using airtable there

it uses Airtable api. the name is still spreadsheet

I know please help me in other problem