Why my app start in Screen1 always?

Hi Koders

I have a question.
I have more than 7 applications
But, I don’t understand why this particular app always starts on screen1, when I switch applications, when I press home and return to my application.

With my other applications, I can change applications, navigate through the cell phone menu and when I return I find the last screen that I was using (different from screen1)

You are not telling anything about this “special” app of yours. How do you expect we should be able to help you?

I think IT depends on what button you Use.
For example if you Use the back button on Screen1 IT basicly closes the app.
Wich when re-opening IT makes the app start on Screen1.
However if you Use the Home button.
The app stays open and Will open on the screen you left IT.

Blocks Info and more:


I use firebase Authentication for go to other Screen (example MENU)


Screen MENU

Two Buttons (equal blocks)

when I exit the application and return to My App:
starts in Screen1 , no matter what the last screen was MENU or Screen2 or Screen3

Oh now i understand.
Use is Signed in Block like this.
blocks (1)
And Use your own Procedure/Blocks



Yes i think that Will work.
check IT out yourself and see if IT works.

dont work Mr !

When … im Screen 2…exit from app and for example go to menu, apps, open whatsapp, and next return to this app… open in Screen1

Use IT on intialize event.

I do not understand…

I can be on any screen, but it always returns to screen1
recording video…wait me please.


Not back button used.




This app worked perfectly, if i was on Screen3… Exit
of the app and return to Screen 3.
Now I imported Screen2 .ais ( with Login firebase auth blocks) and show the error… Always return to Screen1.

I think can be a bug from Kodular for import .ais or with Firebase Authentication block

do not use close screen when opening another screen. and also don’t forget to turn off timer.AddText_03-15-03.24.38

if not use “Close Screen” the app presents a loop. ( open and open and open Screen2 )…
The loop is resolved turn off timer (thx u):


but, The error still does not resolve, when I exit the application it restarts to screen1.
I insist; I think can be a bug from Kodular for import .ais or with Firebase Authentication block in a Screen

I am attentive to your kind help :raised_hand: :raised_back_of_hand:

Is your screen1 closed? before moving to screen2?
try not to close screen1 when you open another screen

i have only in Screen1:


can you send aia

Aia sent u.

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CheckList005_copy(1).apk (7.5 MB)
Check this apk…
I have sent the .aia file via pm

Could you stop tagging users to get attention. This is not allowed and very annoying.

I suggest you to use tinyDB to store the screen last used. So whenever the user open the app first check up this function

Also I suggest you to use screen name or assign number in tinyDB for each screen.

Suppose if the user entering into screen 2, store the value under the tag(last screen) as 2. Next time while he open first call the number stored in tinyDB. If it is 1 open screen 1. If it is 2 open screen2 and so on…