Why my build is failed? What's error

What is error in my app? Anyone help me please? App is working but not compiling.devrim.aia (777.6 KB)

errors added attacherror error1


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devrim.aia (622.5 KB)


When i try install to apk. İ getting " There is a problem parsing the package" error. My phone android 8.1.

Oh thank you. How you fix it?

Your package name is incorrectly formulated

Deleted unwanted files from your aia



Same problem I also faced ,I deleted all stuff but still I faced that error so created new project and copy all codes

This seems to happen more often, see here: App not compile - Build Failed
So, tell each other what went wrong and then report it here to help others.

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İ don’t understand what you mean “Your package name is incorrectly formulated”

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