Why new release has come with addition huge mbs? Why can't you reduce this to help our customers to download our apps

Before this new release of kodular Eagle my apps were 4mbs to 6mbs but now after this updates 6mbs have reached 9mbs.

please, can you reduce this capacity because it causes our users to not install our apps.

Please is there any way I can reduce this mbs

I wish Kodular would answer this for any other alternative ways if possible.

Adding new features obviously adds weight to the apk. The Eagle release uses several new libraries that make it possible to bring these new components and properties to you.

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Hey! I didn’t add any new complicated features rather for your surprise I even reduced some of other screens and blocks which I thought where unnecessary.

But optimization is necessary @Vishwas

What do you mean by “optimization is necessary” with this topic?

We use the support SDK v28 librarys from google now.
Before we used OLD v26.

There you have the reasons why the size is now bigger…

Now with v28 we can bring you more features now and in the future.

And 9 MB for a app is nothing…


Sure “9 MB for an app is nothing…”
But is there no other alternative way to reduce it, because I found some of my users complaining about that and they suggested to have at least 3mbs as their phone memories capacity concern.

But You are adding three or more monetization Librarys at once when Any monetization component is dragged and drop and Please try to add one sdk which was selected in commision category

Please try to add one SDK which was selected in commission category

Sorry, I don’t understand what do you mean here.
kindly elaborate it more.

Components librarys are only added when you use the component.

Only the v28 librarys are added by default into every app (because the app needs them).

I think my answers are very clear…


Yes , But When I selected commision system with unity then why statapp,applovin and other library are added in apk thats why apk size becomes larger. Try to add only selected library

Ya its good but
Even you reduced app max size
You should had increased that

Have I missed something, is it not 32Mb for apps


Means? i cant understand this arrow language

Now, I understand even less what you mean


I am getting Confused

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