Why not showing ads on playStore Published app?

My Apps ads already approved by kodular but exported app ads not showing. This app published on play store but ads not showing installed app from play store.
Yesterday I saw the Admob get 335 Ad Request. but one single ad not showing in my app. please check my block and give me solutions.
2020-01-06 at 20-03-47

Choose the right category next time :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is your app is about?
You only initialize ads when screen initializes …

Offline book apps. not only initialize ads when screen initializes. use this block.
2020-01-06 at 20-28-28

The correct category is “Ads - Kreator Camp”

First of all you should fix this:
You enable the Clock1 and then continuously send requests to show interstitial ads. I don’t know if this affects the ad serving inside your app but you should definitely make that clock stop at some point.


Not need to go more deeper as Discuss is the most used category :sweat_smile: but yeah thanks for pointing out my mistake.

Why you are loading two interestial ads and one rewarded video in one procedure one after another you should learn first bow to display ads in app in google admob docs.

Please guide me.

Is it ok now?
2020-01-06 at 23-35-21

Please give me solution. @Boban @Hossein. You have to need any information about this topic and Project.

your blocks are completely wrong. you have to make changes in block…

Is this an earning app? You have so many ads that you are loading

It is book apps. Not earning app.

What have to change. please tell me.

Project have 4 screen home screen have 3 ads and other screen have 2 ads.

Vishwas help me.

No point asking me about ads because I don’t use them, use search button for your query in community Ads not showing


Most of the topic don’t have solutions.

Expain ur logic first .then I try to make blocks for u.