Why the app is showing Pre-Registration?

I have published app on play store, I don’t know why the app is showing Pre-Registration, I want to give direct download option to my users. Helping hands will be highly appreciated.

after some research i had to activate the availability in all countries and i did that , then going back to application release the Country Availability shows 151 countries Pre-registration show - unavailable 0 countries eligible.
Going to manage that part : shows all country are inactive for pre-registration and i have green check before each country name saying launched - 45 minutes ago waving the mouse over question mark beside show that Your app is not available for pre-registration in this country. It is already available for download.
now every things look good but when i go back to store i realize that the app still giving pre-registration and not free to download , this is the link on store can you guys please give any opinion or help?


I think you’re the publisher of the app on google play control panel with beta or alpha.

what do u mean , how can check that ?

One moment, I’ll get you a screenshot.

ok sure waiting …

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You should lift the app using production, not Beta or alpha

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i dont remember what option i selected by the app is published and still pre-registered

i can try to add you as user in my account so you can take a look