Why these Useless files added in the APK file?

Hi koders,

Today I was going through my apk file with apk editor app and found some of the files which are not added by and are useless or may used by kodular But why :question:

I found files like :

  1. Smartads.properties
  2. Index.html (which contain Google Analytics codes)
    And many more useless icons and files


They may get added by some extensions.


Then may the Developers please Inform me , Also Theirs no need to add any samrtyads.properties .

  1. @Taifun Used Taifun Files and Sharing Extension

  2. Collintree for AsyncImageLoader

  3. @Kus_Zab as i used GridCardView Extension

Are you using ads in your app?


Yes but not any of the smartyads!