Why this is Happen...baking app and the component didnt show

Hiii…im making apps with kodular…i use mi8 and several Mobile Phone and its work…
but there is some phone (im using Redmi 4) that this app didnt show properly…as you can see below…the component is gone

<— should be not like this
<— should be like this

is there anything wrong with my baking or setting? or SDK?
and how to resolve this…

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Can you show your layout properties? Is your layouts has automatic size?

All is fill parent…

bro view pager doesnt work properly in some phones.

Then this isnthe answer i think

what are you trying to say ? i didn’t get it.

I think your answer is the correct answer…there is no way to fix that

Share an APK so we can test if it works on our phones, maybe?