Why Webview can't work on facebook like it works on youtube? any technique please to solve this!

What is different between Facebook and YouTube why can’t I get current video URL like I do on YouTube?

Hello great koders, I have tried this like more than ten times though on YouTube I succeeded to get the current video URL but on Facebook it is a task and I don’t know how to solve this.
Here is what I have tried so far.
an APK
fbloader.apk (4.9 MB)
an AIA
fbloader.aia (2.8 KB)


Kindly I need your advanced help.

I am using Webview component to get the current video url and it works fine on YouTube but not on Facebook.

Thanks for your help.

Could you please compile an APK for testing?

Ok, I have done so

It’s not problem from webviever or your side.
Did facebook provide current url in website when you open in chrome or any browser i think not.

Sure @ShaikhSajidAli facebook didn’t, but how can we scrape this and get the current URL?

So facebook didn’t provide url due to privacy if video uploaded by user so getting this from scrap is not good. I know scrapping but i can’t help you in this.
You can ask user to manually insert url of video.

If you trying to build a full featured browser like chrome,
Then its not possible…
Web viewer has limited functions

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You may do it with extension…
But such extension is not made till now
You can hire any extension developer