WiFi Extension [FREE]

Hello Kodular Community!

I’m excited to share a new WiFi extension that adds powerful functionalities to your Kodular projects. This extension provides you with essential blocks to interact with WiFi networks seamlessly.

Event Blocks:

  1. GetCurrentWifiInfo: Retrieve information about the current WiFi connection.
  2. GetWifiScanResults: Obtain a list of available WiFi networks in the vicinity.

Function Blocks:

  1. Scan Wifi: Initiate a scan to discover nearby WiFi networks.
  2. Get Wifi Info: Retrieve detailed information about a specific WiFi network.
  3. Turn On: Enable WiFi on the device.
  4. Turn Off: Disable WiFi on the device.

With these blocks, you can create applications that interact with WiFi networks, gather information, and control the WiFi functionality within your projects.

Feel free to ask questions, share your experiences, and collaborate with the community to explore the full potential of this WiFi extension. Let’s build amazing projects together!

Download the extension
com.rasitech.wifi.aix (9.3 KB)

Happy coding!


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