[🟠 WILL OPEN SOON] Looking for translators (any language)

Thank youuuuuu @imancol :heart:

This is valid for me.

You’re welcome, well, someone else got ahead of me haha

What is your Game or Application about ?. That would help translation better.

I also collaborated :")

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I will add you :wink:

Well, give the boy credits.

@ShadowDEV_fr If you want you can create an American version of Spanish. Mainly Spanish is the one that has more variations.

It’s an online werewolf game

If you want to learn more, I’ve made a topic a while ago (with another account) talking about this. The screenshots are a little bit old, but i’m planning to delete the old one and create an other one.

I will add this

All right. and thanks for sharing the translation site you had been looking for by month. :yawning_face:

I added the link of the old topic

Here, you are now ALL on the credit page

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You have only 200 users at your main language and want to add a lot of others languages already?

Sorry but I believe you should focus at your country first. There are apps with 1kk+ users that don’t have that many languages available.

More languages you have, more users you have.

I’m already focusing on the french part, that’s why there are only translations for the main menu.


That’s fine. It is always good that the user when accessing for the first time can enjoy the application in their language.

But you have to know that an online game must have servers that focus on regions or languages, that’s useful if you have live chat. You don’t want to meet other users who speak differently. But if you preclude chats, everyone can use the same server and it already depends on the policies of each country if they approve it.

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That’s currently what happen.

Since I translated Serbian in latin, put “Srpski prevodioc”

In what? Languages? Crédits?

Change Cрпски преводиоци to Srpski prevodioc

Can you add Italian, I will translate that one as well.

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I added italian


  • Italian
  • Credits in-app