Working with YouTube to validate url

I am working on project that involves 1000 of YouTube url.i am doing it by sqldb by adding 11 digit ID of video .But in future if user deletes video from YouTube chenal ,how to put notification that video has been removed by there anyway to check url?because if user deletes video I will not be able to get thumbnail in my app only play button will show(this is also applied if user makes video private)
I have uploaded one image as example for better understanding

As you can see in first card there is I’d but video is deleted so no thumbnail is available.

Then set like this, if the user retrieve data from your database first it will show thumpnail. At this point, make if else then statement.

If thumpnail gets empty after retrieving the data alert them via notifier or any label stating that, Video has been removed by the author or it is private data.


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How to identify if thumbnail is empty??any block for that?

you are retrieving the thumbnail of the youtube from the firebase, if the video is deleted or converted into private mean you wont get thumbnail instead it will return empty

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I am getting it from my SQL database .I am getting empty instead of thumbnail.but is there any block to state if thumbnail empty then show notification?
I can’t see any block that decide that I will not get thumbnail…we can only see it that we r not getting thumbnail.or not any block that states if thumbnail not found get notification.

please show us what you have tried with blocks

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