YAIL compiler - DX execution failed.after updating to Fenix 1.5.4

Kodular have 4 compliers , 3 out of 4 are down so that’s why .

Please wait until all compilers Go Online,

We have also identified the issue when building AAB files:



me too have this issue

Not sure if this means anything for AI or Kodular but maybe related to the Gradle plugin? I read it needs to be 4.1+

But I’m sure you will get it all fixed.

To avoid issues when building AAB files, please do not use any of the following components:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Google Map
  • Sharing
  • StartApp Banner
  • StartApp Interstitial
  • Speech Recognizer
  • Text To Speech


Yes, we already have a fix for it. We would like to hotfix this issue with the DX error all together today.


Can we work on creator module? just not can compile app…
or i can have a problems if work in blocks.

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I am also facing the same problem. Kodular team has to take necessary steps to solve this issue.

my block is also having problems
the size of the application is also reduced whether something will be lost in our project :smiling_face_with_tear:

I am also facing the same problem. Kodular team has to take necessary steps to solve this issue.

my project is simple one screen and three blocks and is not generating apk

Servers are down now - https://status.kodular.io/ . Everyone you should wait for fix see #post90


anxious waiting for the resolution.

Actually, me and all my friends that use Kodular are not able to generate apk files (even when the 4 compilers were working). And in this topic I think most of the people affeccted are with problems generating apk too.

The error in this link: https://kodular.youtrack.cloud/issue/CREATOR-5
may be related to another problem, since in that log it doesn’t see like the process took a long time and then it failed. And when we try to generate the apk it keep freezed for minutes in 40% or 45% and then it fails in 45% or 50%

And the error in the link doesn’t mention DX execution failed

We just have to wait for the fix today accdg. to @Diego , Im sure they’re all doing their best to fix this issue today.

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The team is working on resolving everything, but this definitely needs patience and time both equally. Making changes in such a vast and sensitive program is definitely not an easy job. We guys get tense even when a small part of our application behaves unexpectedly and they have the responsibility of each of your projects, its screens, every block and its properties (multiplied by the number of users they have). Have patience, I understand that its hard to wait to see how are hardwork looks like on an Android but, please wait.

And till then, please don’t make any changes in your project like deleting screens, their blocks and properties, just to see if it helps in exporting the APK successfully, you may regret this after everything gets resolved and you find that your deleted parts were not causing any problem. (Atleast for me!)

That’s it.
Take a deep breath! :relieved:


Yes, please don’t do this. It’s an error on our end.


Blocks area not loading is this also an error from kodular’s end … because from the same aia i had exported apk 100 times before today and all works good .

After this update when i opened that aia in today morning it was showing blocks not loaded properly and blocks screens was blank

It is working fine for me. I am still working in a project normally.
Be careful because if your aia doesn’t load correctly and you save it, it is possible that your project is corrupted. It happened to me once. Make backup of the projects in which you are working