You already have an app under review

Please help me
I given an app for review and still it not approved but I delete that project becoz I don’t want that app. I created new app and I wait for 3 Day to give approval but now its showing you have an app unnder review but I delete that project now what should I do plz help

See here for more info,

But I delete that project I don’t know about this

Contact Kodular stuff to manually clear the pending record

Okay thanks but how can I contact kodular stuff and should I talking to my self kodular staff will reply me or not

Open new ticket in …

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Kodular staff please help me I have only today Time I didn’t expect this type situation why kodular do not update review status it self. I sended a email please HELP out me I have only today Time. Please staff I am requesting :pray:t2::pray:t2::sob: