You can change the color of the input text in firebase

is there any possibility that when entering a variable to firebase it is in a color or shading to highlight it from the rest and that it is possible when retrieving the data to keep it highlighted? thanks

You can try to use html tags for highlighting,etc. when uploading your text to fire base, like: <mark>hello</mark>.
And then when you retrieve it from firebase in a label , it will look like this:
P.S: set your label html format property to true :wink:


And if I want to add a text field instead of the hello in the example, how could I do it, because the command if I didn’t misunderstand works inside the label. the idea is that the entered data are modifiable. thanks for answering

Enter data in textbox, and when uploading add the html tags to the entered string using text blocks. When retrieving show the data in a label. When clicked on the label, show a texbox to edit this value.